Resenex Corporation offers innovative fluid flow products for the medical and industrial applications. All our products are unique and most are patented. These items have functional features that cannot be found in competing products.

We offer a line of fluid connectors that seal without O-rings! These connectors are easy to engage and disengage and have large through bore for high flow rates. These connectors also have a built-in protective sleeve to prevent touch contamination. This is a very important feature if you are handling biological fluids. These connectors are available in different sizes for many tube diameters. We also offer standard and tethered caps for these connectors.

Our one-way check valves allow fluid to flow in only one direction. Unique and patented design of the valve ensures that valve opens at a low pressure and offers unimpeded flow path. These valves are 100% inspected to ensure that back flow is not possible even at very low backpressure. Compare our valves to others such as the ball-check and duck-bill and you'll appreciate the features of our product. We offer a complete range of valves with straight and barbed fittings. We also sell miniature valves with Luer fittings.

We can customize any of our products to meet your exact needs.

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